30% off!!

The goats have given us our mid-May sales goal to hit to keep moving foward with our Spring barn improvements, and to work towards a tractor! We need to hit a sales goal of $3700.00 to keep these projects moving! The goats think having a sale is "cheating" ..so..let's just keep this a secret. 😉

We'll give you 30% off your purchase!
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*excludes goat sponsorships, gift sets/bundles, & donations


 Orders are shipped as quickly as possible, but shipping time can vary. All of our products are handmade in small batches, and packaged right here at the farm by us two goat guys. Occasionally, situations on the farm can cause shipping to take a bit longer than we would like, but it is always a high priority. The goats always have to be the highest priority. We appreciate your patience and hope you feel the quality of the products is worth the wait. We appreciate your support!!

Based on weight, orders will ship first class mail. or priority mail.