About us

We're Jeff, & Chad... sometimes called the "Gay Goat Guys" ...we've been a couple for 30 years! ...we've been raising dairy goats for 13 years. In 2011, we completely reinvented our lives, moving from the city to a beautiful, historic farm, on a dirt road in rural Ohio.(Chad was dragged kicking and screaming) When we started raising goats we knew our farm would be different. Most "dairy" farms will cull animals from the herd (usually send to auction or slaughter), when they are no longer producing..or if they have never produced. Our way of doing things is different ..we run our farm and business on compassion. Babies are kept with their mothers...we only take milk that's left after the babies have what they need; we don't base an animal's worth on what they produce..or if they produce. Once a goat has retired from milking...they simply continue their life here as before...they are part of the family. We hope to be a voice for "livestock" ..to make people aware that these animals are intelligent, loving, funny, feeling..and valid..simply for who they are. They are all unique personalities, and form strong bonds with each other, with occasional ducks or chickens...and us. We hope you will love our amazing soap! We also offer goat sponsorships, and donation options, because our "Goats First" business model is our passion. Thank you for your love and support. The guys & the goats.

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