Goat Spit - beard baalm, with goat milk, coffee, & whiskey (Size options)

Goat Spit - beard baalm, with goat milk, coffee, & whiskey (Size options)

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How do we keep our beards soft, healthy, & beautiful? It must be the goat spit! Goats love to chew on beards...(we don't judge)...and we spend a lot of time hanging out with goats! The years of goat spit in our beards must be the secret to their beauty! 

So what's in this Goat Spit beard baalm? (Spelled with 2 a's because that's how goats say it) Well..there isn't any actual goat spit..but it's inspired by what we think the spit of our goats must consist of.....and if you follow us on social media, you know our goats are very big personalities, and love their morning coffee, with a dash of whiskey. So we took shea butter, soy wax, olive oil,  a bit of flax seed oil, added (by a super-secret process) some of our goat milk, a bit of coffee, and a dash of whiskey! A great essential oil blend adds to the warm, slightly spicy, & earthy, scent of this great beard baalm. It will keep your beard...or any other random hairy areas you like to favor...soft, healthy, controlled, and smelling great!

 Shea butter, soy wax, olive oil, flax seed oil, goat milk, coffee, whiskey, essential oils. 

*Again..there is no actual goat spit in this stuff. Also..we do not give our goats coffee, and whiskey. (They buy their own) ;-)