Our Book

Did you know we're writing a book? It's been in the works for a few years....but we're getting close to completing it! We're workong towards having it available for the 2024 Hollowday season! The book will be packed with a collection of stories from Farmer Jeff & Farmer Chad about the adventures & and misadventures since moving to the farm in 2011. You'll laugh...you'll cry...you'll learn...and you'll have a hard time putting the book down once you start reading! You'll read about such experiences as ... "Chad's first snake" "Jeff's Pumpkin rescue" "Samspson's surgery," "The nightmare before Thanksgiving" "Holly's legacy" and many more!

Besides being a good read, the book will bring you up close and personal with the unique individuality of the goats (and other critters) here at the farm...with the hope that we can change the way people think about "livestock".

We hope you'll love reading this just about as much as we've loved living it!

"There's a magic in the hollow....and some goat poop! Our life (So far) on Tilton Hollow Farm" ™️

Stay tuned!