Farm Donation - 10 (or change quantity to increase amount)

Farm Donation - 10 (or change quantity to increase amount)

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Farming is incredibly expensive. Especially when...let's face it..the farm is almost more of a goat rescue than a farm. Yes...we keep goats that others would send to slaughter..... the very thought of a goat being slaughtered is just horrendous. 

We love these animals, our lives are so much more rewarding for sharing them with such intelligent, funny, sweet, beings 

This farm property was first established in 1823 that's when the house was built and the springhouse, and original barn. The original barn burned down and the barn was rebuilt around 100 years ago. 

As a retail business, most people would say we are crazy to base our decisions on compassion, and emotion rather than the bottom line, Yes...we keep goats that others would send to slaughter.....Some of the goats that live here at our farm, would not be kept by most "for profit" farms. We see these animals as members of the family, and don't measure their worth on how much milk they produce...or if they produce milk at all. 
Our goal is not to be wealthy, our goal is to live a wonderful life on our farm, and share it with these wonderful animals that have become like family to make, and sell goat milk soap, we don't have any great love for "soaping" is just a way to help make this farm a reality, and to be able to give goats a wonderful life. ...but..make no mistake..we believe our soap is the best you will ever use...we take no shortcuts, and never compromise on the quality of ingredients and the fact that it must be 100% natural.

We love this farm, we love the history that...we can truly feel here...we hope to do more in the future to share this amazing place with all of you, from..finishing our book, to doing more workshops and adding farm tours and farm days. All of this takes money...and to that end..we have never been the type of people that were obsessed with amassing great amounts of money.....we are about passion, and heart. If you believe in our vision..tell others about our soap and what we are trying to do. 

We want to preserve Tilton Hollow for future generations to love just as we do...and that takes money. We also want to use the farm and business as a voice to educate people on "livestock" (we never use that word around here..)...and how they are far more intelligent and sensitive than most ever imagine. 

Thanks for being so good to us. 

All of us at Tilton Hollow Farm. 

 *to increase amount of donation, simply increase quantity. Example quantity 1 = $10 quantity 2 = $20 .. quantity 150 = $1500 ;-) etc...