Hollowday Shipping message from Farmer Chad

November 20, 2023: Recently, we told you that we had brought our first employee on board (Jeff's sister) to help us with shipping and general workroom mgt. She's been doing a great job with shipping and such, and we have been gearing up for the Hollowday season. On Friday, she let us know that as of December 1st, she is starting a new job. We knew she had been interviewing..as she was contacted by a recruiter... she wasn't actively looking for a job. So..we knew that she was contacted...we were hoping that if she was offered the job, she could have a start date after the Hollowdays...but..that was not the case. So..after Nov. 30, she will no longer be available. We certainly understand...it's a good job, in her field...so we wish her nothing but the best. Now...I will admit that upon hearing this news...my anxiety went into overdrive...we NEED a strong Hollowday season to keep all of this going..this is the time of year when we make the most income for the farm. I also CAN NOT have people waiting and ruin Christmas gifts for customers. SO....really the only option we have is to say...if you've already ordered for Christmas...we will make sure it arrives on time....but going forward we can't promise that. Honestly...this is devastating..and quite terrifying for me...this is THE time of year for our business...which is the main source of funding for the farm and our "Goats First" philosophy. ..and..now we basically aren't going to have a hollowday season at all...so..I guess we will just see what happens.
We never give up...we're too committed to the goats. We will still have our winter/Hollowday products available. But..I just wanted to communicate what the situation is.
Thank you so much for the constant love.
Farmer Chad.