Black Tea Sampler Gift Set [10 pkgs]
Black Tea Sampler Gift Set [10 pkgs]

Black Tea Sampler Gift Set [10 pkgs]

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A lovely gift for a black tea drinker! This sampler box contains 10 popular black teas.
This gift box includes:

Assam, Belseri Organic - medium-black leaves brew into a creamy, malty, well-balanced cup.
Ceylon Mahagastotte - these medium broken brown-black leaves brew to a golden cup with a smooth and slightly sweet earthy taste that is reminiscent of the musky taste of raspberries.
Creamy Earl Grey - the smooth, creamy flavor lingers on the taste buds and creates a delicious sensory delight.
Irish Breakfast Organic - an aromatic, copper colored cup with a full-bodied taste and a smooth oak-like finish.
Georgian, BOP - this small-leafed black tea yields an amber colored cup with a forest aroma and a smooth full flavor with a slight oaky taste and a touch of sweetness in the cup.
Imperial Yunnan - the black, golden, tippy leaves of this tea brew to a lovely amber cup, with a rich, full-body and a slightly spicy aftertaste.
Kenya Milima - twisted, golden tippy leaves steep to a bright, robust, medium-bodied tea with a slight fruity taste.
Nilgiri Korakundah, Organic a golden amber cup with a smooth, sweet, slightly floral taste.
Vietnam black - a golden cup with a distinctive spicy/nutty flavor.

Each package makes approx 6-10 cups and is labeled with the name of the tea and brewing information for each tea. Packaged in a lovely black gift box, lined with an elegant black and white floral patterned tissue, and sealed with a decorative label.