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With purchase/donation of this fundraiser you will receive a discount code for 11% off, good for 11 months.

Our beautiful goat Holly H. Tilton, was truly the heart & soul of our farm, and we are still coming to terms with her passing, while also feeling grateful for having known her.

We are more determined than ever to give our goats the best home they could ever have, and keep the farm thriving, so the years that Holly spent contributing to this dream were not in vain. 

This fundraiser will fund barn improvements, such as roof repair, new hay racks, as well as going towards the goal of buying a tractor for barn cleaning and moving hay, & for additional pasture fencing to give the goats 5 additional acres of space. 

The price/donation amount of $11.00 is in honor of her 11 years as part of our family. (If you wish to donate a higher amount you can simply increase quantity) we'll also email you a discount code for 11% off your Tilton Hollow purchases for 11 months. 

Holly was not "livestock" ...she was are all of the other goats and critters at Tilton Hollow. We want to take all of this to the next level! The bigger our brand...the bigger our voice!

Thank you for your messages of love and support as we mourn...and celebrate our wonderful Holly. 

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