Goat Hugs & Hot Cider - 12 oz soy candle

Goat Hugs & Hot Cider - 12 oz soy candle

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Shasta walks into the barn with an apple in her mouth. She drops it at Farmer Chad's feet.

"Barkeep, I'd like to order."

"Shasta, I'm not a ...oh forget it. What would you like?"

Shasta giggles, "I'd like cider, hot, with a splash of citrus & spice, using this apple I found in the orchard."

Farmer Chad sighs, "Coming right up, your highness."

Shasta rolls her eyes. "I'll be lounging by the fireplace."

Aapple, citrus, spice...& love. Goat hugs & hot cider

12 oz soy candle with cotton wick. 

*container may differ from picture, based on supply chain availability. 

 Burn time : aprox 60 hours.