Smells Like Spring - Limited Edition - Soap/Candle/Video Greeting

Smells Like Spring - Limited Edition - Soap/Candle/Video Greeting

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Can you smell Spring in the air where you are? You can a bit here. Daffodils are tentatively sending up shoots to check the weather. The goats are kicking off their winter blahs on the warm days. You should see them jumping around the pasture and headbutting each other.

Springvis also barn cleanout time, & this year the barn roof needs to be replaced! 

In honor of impending Spring, and to help fund Spring projects and repairs, we give you the "Smells Like Spring" collection. A wonderful bar of soap with that Spring grass scent that makes you forget all about winter. A candle reminiscent cocktails for warmer weather. The goats are ready to start adding fresh greenery to their libations. And probably the best part, a video message from the farmers and the goats. You can have us come up with something or maybe you have a special occasion where you want to send one to a loved one.

This collection includes exclusive products only available in this collection!

1 bar of "Graass" - Goat milk Soap with a sweet grassy scent. 

1 "Goats Haappy Hour", 7 oz soy candle (in glass votive jar) with a botanical and citrus scent. 

1 Hollow Sentiment - personalized video greeting from the guys & the goats (this can be our message to you or you can have a custom message sent to someone else!) Be sure to add a note with the recipient's email address as well as anything you want us to mention.