Name a Goat - Boy

Name a Goat - Boy

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We have adorable baby goats at Tilton Hollow! Naming them is always a thought you might want to have a go at it!

Tell us what name you would like for a little goat boy ...first and middle name if you like....the last name is Tilton, of course. :-)

We will send you a color photo of your named goat, and a note from them, telling you a bit about themselves we will also send you a surprise of a couple of our faabulous Tilton Hollow products, along with a coupon code for 15% off your orders for the next 6 months! 

Just place your Name a Goat order, and put a note in the comment box with the name....and any backstory that goes with it..the goats love to hear about those!...we do too!