Literary Tea Sampler Gift [10 pkgs]

Literary Tea Sampler Gift [10 pkgs]

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Enjoy a sampling of ten of the most popular teas in our literary line! Our literary (author) teas have been very popular since they were introduced in the Fall of 2015 and we add two new authors every year.

This gift box features the following authors in the line:

Louisa May Alcott
Maya Angelou
Jane Austen
the Bronte Sisters
Emily Dickinson
Edgar Allan Poe
Beatrix Potter
William Shakespeare
Mary Shelley
Henry David Thoreau

Each package makes approximately 6-10 cups of tea and is labeled with a colorful Literary label that lists the ingredients and brewing information for each tea.

Packaged in a lovely black gift box, lined with an elegant black and white floral patterned tissue, and sealed with a decorative label, this author collection is perfect for you and your literary tea friends.