Goat Baalls - Goat Milk Bath Bombs - Set of 2. Choose scent
Goat Baalls - Goat Milk Bath Bombs - Set of 2. Choose scent

Goat Baalls - Goat Milk Bath Bombs - Set of 2. Choose scent

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Nerves frayed? Stressed? Sore from a hard day? Grab one of our Tilton Hollow Goat Baalls and toss it in your bath. Let the effervescent goodness wash away your cares. The goat milk and oils will leave your skin feeling revived. If you choose one of our essential oil scented varieties, you can breathe in the relaxation. Know someone who needs some Goat Baalls in their life? These make great gifts. Share the Goat Baall goodness. Your friends will thank you.
2 Aprox 5.5 oz baalls
Sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, goat milk, citric acid, essential oil. 


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