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Usually anytime we mention our candles to the goats...we get a bit of side-eye....since the candles don't contain goat milk....until now!!
We are doing a special pre-sale run of our soy & goat milk, candle ..called "The Pumpkin".
We have 24 of these available, and they will ship on September 8th. If this first run is popular..we will do more of this one for the Fall collection.
Why goat milk? Well..according to the research the goats presented to us, the goat milk adds a bit of sweetness and warmth to the scent, and seems to increase the scent throw. also keeps the goats happy.
Each 12 oz candle comes in a reusable Autumn Orange, reusable ceramic tumbler, and is personalized with The Pumpkin graphic by Farmer Chad.
Order yours before they're gone!

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