Green Tea Sampler Gift Set [10 pkgs]
Green Tea Sampler Gift Set [10 pkgs]

Green Tea Sampler Gift Set [10 pkgs]

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A sampling of green teas that's sure to thrill a green tea lover or a person who wants to explore the delicious world of green teas! This sampler box contains 10 tasty green teas.

This gift box includes:
Bancha - A larger leafed tea with a pale greenish liquor that has a light full-bodied taste.
China Sencha, organic - A refreshing, slightly sweet, light vegetal tasting tea with a light emerald green cup.
China Mountain - a delicate green cup with a fresh vegetal aroma, and a light citral taste.
Colombian Leafy Green, organic - sweet, nutty flavors and a bright yellow/jade color.
Gunpowder, organic - a pale green cup with a distinctive vegetal aroma, a light, smooth and non-astringent taste with a touch of earthiness.
Gu Zhang Mao Jian, organic - one of the most delicate greens that we have tasted with a light, slightly sweet, fruity, rose taste.
Japan Sencha - Grade B - a light green cup with a hint of earthiness and a smooth fresh sweet taste.
Korea Jeoncha, organic - beautiful, large green leaves have a fresh picked aroma. They brew to a pale green cup with a fresh, popcorn aroma and a toasty, vegetal taste.
Moroccan Mint - a delicious blend of spearmint and green tea that brews to a pale ecru cup and a strong minty flavor.
Vietnam Bac Ha, organic - a pale green colored cup, a steamed spinach aroma, and full body with a vegetal, sweet taste.

Each package makes approximately 6-10 cups and is labeled with the name of the tea and brewing information for each tea.